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Contact me to arrange an informal chat with no obligation over the phone or in-person to discuss your current and future Apple IT support requirements.

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I have over 20 years experience with Apple products in a wide variety of environments and tailor my expert services to whatever your needs are.

Service For Smart Homes & Savvy Service Desks

Specialist services for Apple and associated products for the power home user, SME, Education, and Enterprise environments.

My Services – I offer a full range of IT support and consultancy services, specialised for Apple based environments whether Mac OS, iOS. I work in York, Leeds, Harrogate and the rest of Yorkshire and the UK.

I’m happy working with small and large environments and can tailor my services for your needs.

Apple Mac MacOS / iOS Product Support & Consultancy

From devices in the home to large organisations, I provide support and consultancy services, whether ad hoc or contracted. Using my wealth of experience of Apple products in many different environments, I can help you plan a new purchase, upgrade existing equipment, resolve your issues, ensure you remain productive, and much more.

Whether it be integrating Apple Macs, or iOS products into your home or business, I’m happy to help by using my wealth of experience with Apple products over the past 20 years. I’ve experienced most scenarios before and also as I’m a bit of an Apple geek I’m always on top of the latest products and developments.

Complimentary Mac MacOS / iOS Support – Large Organisations

If your in-house IT team are light on Apple product expertise, I can be their direct or indirect support team to assist with support issues. If you’re looking to integrate Apple within Active Directory/ Azure, I can work with your IT team to achieve this. If you’re looking to improve deployment and mange / secure your Apple devices more effectively I can assist you with the use of MDM tools such as JAMF Pro to enable Mac OS and iOS, compliance.

Schools & Education Mac / MacOS / iOS Support

Nowadays IT is at the heart of all ages of education. I can assist and support your staff in the roll-out, and management of Apple and other devices in the classroom, helping you create a solid basis for the delivery learning.

I can collaborate with, train and support your staff to integrate Macs, iPads, Chromebooks etc into the learning environment using Apple School Manager, JAMF, and Google Classroom as appropriate. Using MDM and other tools, I can enable the distribution of other apps and setup of peripherals and the backend of your IT infrastructure such as WiFi / security to create a successful pupil experience.

Support For Your Smart Apple Mac MacOS / iOS Home

Many of us are working from home these days, and I love helping home users make their home environments work for them. The challenges facing home workers are many including Internet and WiFi connectivity and home networks and how best to deploy these. Have you considered the ‘What If” scenarios? Having a DR (disaster recovery) plan when working from home is an important thing to define.

But what about if you want to build your Smart Home based around Apple products using HomeKit? How do you stream music to all parts of your house, and integrate a smart doorbell and heating system etc? I’ve build my own home around these technologies as a showcase for an Apple smart home and I can help you achieve the same for your home.

My Other IT Services

In addition to my direct Apple based services I can help with the following technologies either integrating into Apple Systems or stand alone –

  • Project planning and management e.g. new business setup, IT upgrades, office relocations
  • MDM solutions to create robust secure managed IT environments using technologies such as JAMF Pro
  • WiFi Setup and troubleshooting
  • Email setup and migration to Google / Microsoft Office 365
  • Home and office networks
  • Backup strategy and disaster recovery
  • File storage be that local servers, NASs, or cloud
  • Web site hosting and DNS management
  • Web site creation

About Stephen Porthouse – Apple Consultant / Mac MacOS / iOS Specialist

A Bit About Me

Hello Fellow Apple User!

Computers have been part of my life from a young age from when I first got my hands on a Sinclair ZX81. I used my first Mac Plus at university while studying 3D Design. Following my studies I found myself working at an Apple Reseller in Leeds doing everything from installs, software training, to sales and marketing – quite the introduction to working life!

My passion for Macs and a desire to run my own company resulted in me starting my own official Apple Reselling business in York before the lure of London encouraged me to relocate to the capital and work as IT manager for a number of companies before I become a freelance Apple Support Specialist in the capital. When my client base reached a critical mass, I founded an MSP (Managed Service Provider) called Fusion4IT which I grew for 5 years before selling and moving back to my native Yorkshire. I now work as an independent Apple consultant for clients in the north and London and even found time to open a coffee shop/coworking space in York to indulge my passion for coffee!

Over the 20+ years I’ve been consulting and supporting Apple-based IT environments I’d like to think I’ve built up a reputation for enabling many individuals and companies to maintain and improve their IT systems in such sectors as creative industries, TV, public sector, property management, and education to name a few.

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